What is Energo.ua platform?

The platform contains the most complete and regularly updated information about operating industrial RES assets and projects in development, as well as their owners, partners and suppliers of the main generating equipment. Interconnected data, sorting, filters and a modern interactive interface allow you to effectively find data in the system, and the ability to export to Excel expands the possibilities for processing selected data.

The renewable energy market of Ukraine is in your hands

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Users of the Energo.ua platform solve problems that require up-to-date information about operating renewable energy assets.

  • Selection and assessment of RES assets and portfolios
  • Monitoring the actions of RES market participants
  • Forecasting the volumes of generation and the cost of the "green" share in electricity production
  • Analysis and evaluation of the experience of contractors of interest and designers
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of design solutions and individual models of power generating equipment
  • Expanding the client base with participants of the Ukrainian renewable energy market

Potential of projects in development

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We monitor over a hundred different data sources at the national and local level to collect data on the progress of projects at various stages of implementation. This allows not only to have the most complete list of projects in development, but also to interact with them, depending on their current status and development dynamics.

  • Reduce risks at the development stage while competing for limited local resources (network, land, raw materials, etc.)
  • Predict RES auction results
  • Increase the liquidity of the RES investment market and the efficiency of the selection of RES projects
  • Increase sales efficiency by interacting with companies interested in your product/service
  • Expand the circle of potential partners and suppliers

Market communication platform

Supplement your information

We not only collect information from available sources, but also offer the opportunity for market participants to enter information related to their company into the system. After verification, it will become available to Energo.ua users.

Contact market participants

Platform users, using the contact form, can contact representatives of the companies responsible for the subject of your request.

Show the market your capabilities

Companies offering services or products to RES market participants can provide broader updated information about their products and services, which allows market participants to make effective decisions when implementing projects and operating RES facilities.

Have ideas to improve energo.ua?

Energo.ua project is dedicated to add transparancy to Ukrainian renewable energy market.

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